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  • Dora Nudelman

Denying Your Intuition

While intuition is becoming more of a mainstream topic these days, it still has some residual taboo qualities. What I mean by that is, most of society still values pragmatic, quantifiable, and proven facts and figures over the unseen, felt, and energetic. Unfortunately, intuition often becomes misunderstood and undervalued and for this reason those who have a heightened sense of awareness feel the need to deny it, hide it, or stifle it.

While everyone has intuitive capabilities to one degree or another (e.g. gut instincts), there are those who have a more prominent relationship with their higher-self. Women in particular are known to call upon their feminine instincts in order to make decisions, especially when it comes to protecting their family. Sadly, however, many women have lost touch with their inherent inner wisdom and power because they have allowed mainstream society to dictate what is considered to be

acceptable versus what is thought of as irrational. But when women deny their intuitive powers they deny themselves and the world a great gift.

It is only when we are in touch with our higher consciousness that we are also attuned to our divine purpose. When we deny our intuition and doubt our senses we allow the collective ego to rule our lives. But ego is full of doubt and fear. And so, when we deny our true connection to our higher knowledge we also deny our ability to succeed to the level and in the manner that is most joyous and fulfilling to us. When we deny our abilities to read between the lines and see behind the facade of what others are presenting, we also allow ourselves to make bad choices based in fear rather than in love.

Our intuitive instincts are likely the most primal instincts we have. If you look within nature you will see that the animal and plant kingdoms both rely on instinct and divine communication to thrive and survive. How do the birds know when to fly south for the winter and how do they communicate with each other in their V formations? How do tigers know how to hunt so precisely? How do bees know where to go for nectar and the flowers know how to produce it? How do gorillas know which plants to eat to ward off diseases? There must be some sort of intuitive guidance and inner wisdom that everything in nature taps into for direction. And we are no different. The only real difference is that we as humans have egos and, as such, we tend to resist that guidance by trying to control every aspect of our existence so that we can feel dominant over our circumstances, even if that dominance leads us to ultimate distress. When we go against the flow of what is natural to us we create more hardship than is necessary for our survival. It's like paddling upstream or trying to tell our bodies how to function or breathe. If we get out of the way, though, most of the time our bodies know exactly what to do to keep us well.

If any of us are to lead meaningful and purposeful lives we are going to have to come to terms with the fact that we are all on some level intuitive being. We are also all connected to and one with the whole of the universe and its energetic makeup. The longer and stronger we deny our inherent abilities, the farther away we will feel from our true selves. But ultimate fulfillment comes from authenticity so then perhaps it is rational and logical for us to embrace the unseen, felt, and energetic or, at the very least, embrace it just as much as we do the pragmatic, quantifiable, and proven.

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