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  • Dora Nudelman

The Path of Least Resistance

One of the main tenets I use in my coaching talks about implementing the path of least resistance to manifest our desires. Now while it might seem clear to many what this means, I would like to explain this concept a bit further to avoid any confusion.

Some might interpret the path of least resistance to mean the path that is the easiest. Now, while a lot of the time it is easy, in order for it to feel that way we need to first eliminate any blockages that are standing in our way (like our fears, doubts, negative thoughts and beliefs, etc.). For example, it might be easy to literally go up on stage and give a speech about something you know and love. However, if you are afraid of doing it, if you are afraid of messing up or being judged, all of the sudden that easy task has become a very difficult one (in your mind anyway).

The path of least resistance in this scenario might appear like allowing fear to drive your actions. After all, if succumbing to your fear feels like the easiest thing to do then it must be the least resistant thing, right? Wrong. You see, if you actually want to make the speech but you are only stopping yourself out of fear, in this case, fear is the resistance. And so, the path of least resistance is actually the one where you act in spite of your fear. The path of least resistance would be to do what you love without allowing fear (i.e. the resistance) to stop you. In other scenarios that could mean taking that adventurous vacation you've been dreaming about but putting off or talking to that special someone you wanted to approach but were too intimidated to do in the past. If fear is what is stopping you from doing what you love then it is not the easiest way. In fact, it is the harder and most resistant way because it makes doing what you love really hard.

So, the true meaning of taking the path of least resistance means facing your fears, doing what you love, being authentic, honoring your desires, and finding a way to take action that resonates with your highest self. It also means releasing negative blocks by choosing to clear mental, emotional, and physical clutter in order to carve out your best and truly easiest path to fulfillment.

So the next time you want to do something, think about that activity for a moment and notice if you feel any resistance to it. If so, ask yourself why? Is it because it is not actually what you want to do, or is it because you are allowing an imagined fear to stop you? If it is indeed not what you actually want, then simply don't do it, or, if you need to do it, try to find a way that feels the least resistant to you. But if it is what you want, face your resistance, and do it anyway.

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