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  • Dora Nudelman

Luxury Consumerism

I was thinking today about why our society is so caught up with the acquisition of luxury goods. Why are people so fixated on getting the latest and most exclusive handbags, shoes, cars, clothes, and so on? Many often think that indulging in such purchases is quite the shallow act but is that absolutely true? Well, it all depends on the motivation.

For me luxury and exclusivity are synonymous with two main things: 1) quality (integrity + creativity), and 2) alignment with wealth consciousness and the infinite abundance of the universe. For me it's not about what anyone else thinks of me but rather how I perceive myself and express that perception through the choices I make. For someone else the motivation might be very different. For instance, two people taking the same action can be coming from completely different perspectives. A person could be wearing a high-end handbag and in doing so feels they are aligned with abundance and expressing their creativity. Another person could be wearing the same handbag but they are looking around to see who notices. The former is coming from a place of confidence and appreciation while the latter is coming from a feeling of insecurity.

Actions can have various meanings and consequences based on the motivations behind them. As such, we cannot fairly judge anyone for their choices without truly knowing their motivation. We can only truly know for ourselves the truth behind why we do what we do, and choose what we choose. So, if we are interested in having a higher consciousness it is vital that we question ourselves pertaining to our motivations behind the choices we make. But regardless of the degree to which we want to be self-actualized there is another reason why questioning and aligning our motives will benefit us: it clarifies how we feel about ourselves, and therefore, the degree of happiness we will actually achieve.

Money and material possessions in and of themselves do not hold any real meaning other than the meaning we attribute to them. But, the meaning we attribute is not always what we really want. For instance, if you are looking for a handbag to give you a sense of worth, it won't. But, if you are looking for a handbag to express your already established sense of self-worth, regardless of how anyone else perceives you, then you are on the right track. You see, giving that much power to any status symbol or the opinions of others only disempowers you. You will never truly find self-esteem in a thing or in another's approval of you. Insecurity can never be satiated; it will just want more and more validation. But if you work from the inside-out you will realize how whole and complete you truly are, and from that vantage point you will be able to joyfully experience luxury and abundance with true happiness and fulfillment.

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