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  • Dora Nudelman

Creating a Home Sanctuary

The home is where we spend a lot of our time so it would make sense for us to create our spaces to embody the feelings of warmth, splendor, and luxury. Now, not everyone is a professional designer so it's not surprising that many are intimidated by the thought of decorating. But it's not about creating a magazine spread. It's about creating an interior that makes you feel most comfortable and expressive.

Coming home to a space that embraces you, calms you, and inspires you is more important than you likely realize. Like everything, your home has energy. What kind of energy are you feeding it? What kind of energy do you want to feed it? Know that your surroundings have a very profound effect on your psyche and by recreating your environment to align with what you love and what you desire to manifest you will inevitably generate the momentum you need to experience exactly what you love and enjoy.

The best place to start is to pick a room. You don't have to overwhelm yourself with decorating your entire home at once. Let's pick the bedroom, for instance. What essence do you want to feel in your bedroom? Do you want to feel relaxed, inspired, romantic? Next, what colors exemplify those feelings for you. In the picture to the right you will see that a somewhat monochromatic color scheme creates a very calming and inviting space.

You don't have to start with an entire overhaul either. You can begin with a new bedspread and take it from there. I like to include crystal grid art in my bedroom because it is something that feels authentic to what I like, but you can add items that display your hobbies and interests too. If you want your bedroom to feel luxurious, you can get a soft throw or a fuzzy floor mat to greet you as you get out of bed. If you want to feel energized you can place some colorful artwork on the walls to receive you as you wake.

And it's not just about decor either. I like to include scents and sounds into my bedroom environment. I have an aroma diffuser to fill the room with essential oil fragrances and a noise machine by my bedside so that I drift off to sleep with the sounds of crickets in the summertime or waves in the ocean. I also have a Himalayan salt lamp that cleans the air and emits negative ions, plus it gives the room an intimate glow.

There are so many ways to use decor and accessories to create the feeling you desire to experience in your home. Creativity is infinite and as long as you are doing what you love as opposed to trying to follow a trend or some design rule, you cannot go wrong. Give it a try and see what a difference it makes to be conscious about the energy you are creating through how you choose to handle your home environment.

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