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  • Dora Nudelman

Choosing a VIP Experience

I think we all pretty much know what VIP stands for.

Unfortunately, in our society we've taken this description and made it about competing and comparing. Our egos have created a meaning for VIP that has more to do with believing we are better than others than what I believe it truly means.

Every one is important. You don't have to be a famous celebrity, a big time CEO, a tech wiz, or even a high ranking politician to be considered important. We are all important in our own way, in our own lives, and to the people who love us. We are all important to ourselves too. Each of us has significance here on this earth, no matter what our "status" is in life. But many people don't realize this and so they live vicariously through others who they feel are more important than they are.

Once we realize that we each are VIPs in our own lives, then we can go on to create and appreciate experiences that exemplify this belief. We can treat ourselves to a fine chocolate treat, cook a beautiful meal and set the table like a 5 star restaurant, create a serene and luxurious ambiance in our bedroom, and even indulge in a VIP cinema experience.

I like going to the movies but what I really like is going to the movies in VIP style. Where I live several theaters offer a VIP experience. The chairs are large and cushy and there is in-seat food service. You can order an array of snacks and order drinks, including wine, and even get an ice cream sundae. You truly do feel pampered. Can I go to the regular theater? Sure I can. But I prefer treating myself like a VIP. The thing is, in the larger scheme of things, the price difference is not that big but there are many people who feel it is simply a waste of money to indulge. But how can feeling good be a waste of money? In fact, it is very productive because it makes you feel more inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic about life. We must learn to love, appreciate, and respect ourselves enough to see our own worth and realize that we deserve to experience what we love in life. This is not about breaking the bank or being irresponsible with the resources you have. Rather, it is about being honest about your means and not skimping on the joys of life only out of stubborn principle or unjustified guilt.

If we deprive ourselves of what we like solely out of a belief that indulgence is bad or unnecessary, we are not living up to our divine potential. Yes, we all have responsibilities. And yes, people have differing means. But beating the same drum in the same way and expecting a different sound is futile. Meaning, if you want to shift your experience, the place to start is with yourself, your beliefs, and your choices and actions. When you demonstrate to the universe, and to yourself, that you are worth something great and deserve to experience joy in your life, the universe responds in like. In order to be a VIP and treat yourself as such you do not need to make a large monetary commitment, but you do need to have a willingness to value yourself and your desires enough to sometimes take a leap.

What does luxury mean to you? What feels glamorous to you? And what can you do to immerse yourself in that essence right now? What small (or large) action can you take right now that is within your means that will exemplify your belief in your worth and your right to enjoy your life?

For me I have noticed that the more I "indulge" in what I love, the more means I attract to do more of what I love. The more I believe in my self-worth and my right to experience and have what I authentically desire (without feeling guilty or regretful about it), the more the universe responds to my desires with generosity (in a variety of ways). But it has little to do with my spending and more to do with what my actions represent, i.e. the consciousness of abundance and self-worth. When I have a desire, first I ask myself if it is an impulsive (ego) desire or if it is something I truly love that is representative of my soul's expression. And if it is something that is authentic to me then I go for it in whatever way I can in the moment because I know that loving myself in this way will expand my positive wealth consciousness and subsequently attract more of what I love into my life. And when I have more I also have more to share with others too, which also makes me very happy.

So whether you are considering splurging on a glamorous piece of jewelry (that symbolizes your appreciation for yourself, rather than looking to impress others), buying yourself a specialty coffee, indulging in a purchase of soft luxurious sheets, or upgrading your experience at the cinema, there is always something you can choose to do to enhance your experience. Even if it's just getting a set of nice napkins, lighting some candles, and setting your table with your finest dinnerware for a regular Wednesday night meal, there is always some way you can choose to treat yourself and those around you to a VIP experience. Put love, thought, attention, imagination, and generosity into anything you do and that will elevate not only your consciousness but also what you experience in your life as a result.

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