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To counteract the stress, struggle, confusion, or any degree of general dissatisfaction you may be experiencing in your life today, this book has been designed to help you realize your true power, and to show you how to use it to create the happiness you deserve. The premise of this book is simple: it is to help you become aware of the most powerful moment you will ever have to create the life you want to live. And that moment is now. By recognizing the power within you right now, and by being fully engaged with it, you will not only become more conscious of your creative energy, you will also naturally release unwanted conditions from your life. You will truly know how to live a full and happy life, now and always. In this book you will learn how to: * Experience true happiness, peace of mind, and authentic success * Successfully manage and reduce stress and release your fears * Recognize and fulfill your purpose and ultimate potential * Manifest your goals through peace and joy rather than through stress and struggle * Tap into your internal guidance system and use it to make your best choices * Create the life you love, and enjoy every step along the way.

The desire for happiness is likely the biggest motivator there is, as everything we do on some level has to do with our desire to be happy in one way or another. So why does happiness sometimes feel like such an unachievable goal?

In this book you will learn the answer to this question and more through a process that will enlighten you to your personal definition of happiness. "1 Week to Happy" and the steps outlined within will walk you through explanations and exercises that will not only help you understand the root of your unhappiness but will also help you transform that dissatisfaction into contentment. You will realize that happiness is a choice and that true inner bliss need not depend upon anything external to you. Furthermore, you will learn how to start to change your perspectives so that you can achieve your dream life from a place of inner peace rather than struggle.


The concept of “self-improvement” is not new by any stretch of the imagination, but it has grown exponentially in the mainstream marketplace over recent years. So what exactly is it?


To some, "self-improvement" is a means of developing their potential and achieving their goals. For others, it is a way to find inner peace and a sense of stability. And for others still, it is a whole bunch of nonsensical mumbo jumbo that is believed to only prey on the weak-willed and meek-minded.


There are plenty of people who buy into the notion of “self-improvement” without any hesitation at all. But what about those who either don’t believe in its necessity, don’t believe that it actually works, or those who feel disillusioned by false promises and failed attempts at achieving their dreams? Essentially, what does “self-improvement” have to offer the cynic?


In this book we will start to answer this question by addressing some of the common objections cynics have about the topic of “self-improvement.” And through a balanced perspective, this book will start to explain how we can begin to find the happy medium between naive optimism and extreme cynicism, all so that we can remain hopeful about life without losing our wits.


At a time of heightened uncertainty, it is no wonder why so many people all over the world are feeling more stressed and more afraid than ever before. Economies have been damaged, governments have been challenged, trust has been questioned, people have been divided, and our basic rights and freedoms have been indefinitely put on hold. Essentially, a world that used to be our oyster is starting to feel more like a clam. And so, in a world that seems to be filled with so much doom and gloom, that leaves the question, “Where do we go from here?”

Well, in this concise (yet impactful) book you will find simple solutions and life hacks to not only make you feel better, but also to help you feel like you have more control over your own life, no matter the circumstances. With most people feeling like they have no say in what happens to them these days, this book offers up much needed words of hope and encouragement to show you that you ARE empowered, you ARE powerful, and you ARE still capable of reimagining your reality in order to create the dream life you’ve always wanted. Things are not as bleak as they may seem, and this book will show you why. 

Regardless of the times, uncertainty is a theme most people can relate to at some point in their lives. The unknown can be scary, but it can also be mysterious and magical. So whether it’s today or next week or next year, regardless of the era or the conditions, you CAN have peace and prosperity in your life if you know how to work with the universe and your personal potential. 

Consequently, this book can act as your reference guide for any time that you might feel that you need a reminder of how powerful you really are, as well as how truly entitled (and capable) you are to manifest anything your heart purely desires, always with grace, peace, joy, ease, and utter certainty in the creative power that is your ultimate birthright.

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