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Automatic Writing

For many years now I have been practicing something called automatic or inspirational higher-self writing/journaling. What this is for me is a technique that draws on my connection to something bigger than myself, but with which I am also one. It is a higher wisdom and a higher knowledge that stands outside of our space/time continuum, where all answers to all questions reside.

Now, while I refer to automatic writing sometimes as "channeled messages," it is important to note that there is nothing all that mysterious about it. Channeling, to some, may sound like something that's really "woo-woo" or unrealistic. But, in reality, it is simply a method that anyone can use to tap into their higher-self wisdom and intuition in order to help themselves find personal clarity and direction.


Personally, I do not refer to any specific groups or entities as the source of my channeled messages. To me it simply feels like an infinite library of wisdom and knowledge that we all have available to us, and that we can each easily access any time that we are attuned to its frequency.


I kind of came upon this method of communicating and writing by "happenstance." Many years ago when working with a mentor I had come to find myself pretty reliant on his counsel. We would have scheduled calls every couple of weeks, but one time he was not available for one of our sessions. My first reaction was disappointment and impatience. I had these pressing questions and I needed answers now! 

Well, in my eagerness “to know” I decided to write my questions down and then try to “figure them out” for myself. Well, what happened next was pretty miraculous. All of the sudden a flood of words and information started pouring into my mind, first in subtle ways, and then as a deluge of information. I wrote so fast that I could barely keep up. And once I was done, I read back what “I” had wrote and it astonished me. The answers that I was so desperately seeking were so eloquently staring me right in the face. 

What this taught me so many years ago was that I did not need to rely upon any one teacher or guru for my answers but, instead, that I could completely and totally rely upon myself and the infinite connection I always have with the infinite Source of all there is. But this information is not privy only to a select few; everyone and anyone can access it. It is simply about understanding the process, letting go of limiting beliefs, and surrendering your ideas of what “should” come to what actually shows up for you instead. 

Now, it's important to note that there is nothing wrong with seeking counsel from outside of yourself from people who are more experienced in a certain area, or from those who can provide you with a more objective perspective. It's just a matter of not becoming too dependent on outside sources to tell you what you need to do. We live in an interconnected community, and we each have valuable things to share with one other. It's just that, in the process, we cannot forget about our inherent knowledge and ability to tap into the infinite pool of wisdom that is ultimately available to us all.


Interdependency is simply better when it is balanced with self-reliance. 

Now, while I have used channeling in synchronicity with my other writings before, I feel that now is the right time to introduce more of my readers to this knowledge directly on this platform for anyone who might need the additional inspiration. Hopefully you will be able to apply these messages in ways that will help you live a happier and more peaceful and prosperous life. :-) 


If you are interested in a personal consult to help with your questions or to help you learn how to perform automatic/inspirational/higher-self writing/journaling for yourself, please refer to this link for more details. 

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