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About Me

Some other fun facts about me: I'm a foodie, I'm a health nut, I'm a spiritual enthusiast, and  I'm a seeker of truth. I love tea (especially Organic Japanese Sencha), the beach, luxury spas and retreats, yachting, books, inspiring education, and beautiful real estate and decor. I gravitate towards products and services that are natural and organic. I love to eat and cook healthy gourmet food, create energy art, entertain, and decorate (I am also certified in professional redesign and staging and I love decorating using design psychology, life coaching, and energy flow principles). I love to travel, I love to discover, I love to indulge in the finer things in life, and I love to share my joy with others. I am family-oriented and value my relationships immensely. I'm an optimist but I am also pragmatic, which is probably why I am so drawn to both the spiritual and the physical aspects of our existence, and the belief that we need to find harmony on all levels in order to be truly happy and fulfilled.


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