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Discovering the richness of life

through the lens of inner truth

"My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best."
Winston S. Churchill

What is "Caviar and Candor"?

"Caviar and candor" is about bringing a higher-self awareness into the physical world and applying it into our lives in practical ways. It is about noticing the thinking ego-mind and distinguishing that from our authentic inspiration and truth. It is about honoring ourselves through the enjoyment of what we choose to do and aligning ourselves with purpose, inner wisdom, and higher vibrations in order to connect with the clarity and fulfillment we seek. And it is about doing all of this through mindfulness, where we can savor and appreciate the present moment as we fully engage in whatever we are doing, and give ourselves permission to indulge, enjoy, and be free from guilt, regret, and fear of judgment.

"Caviar" represents grounding ourselves in the physical experience through presence and appreciation for ourselves, others, and the world around us. It is a testament to how we can merge the world of energy, spirit, and potential with the world of the physical, material, and tangible. And it is where we give ourselves permission to indulge, not only in our best life experiences, but also in who we really are and who we want to be.


"Candor" refers to being honest and candid with ourselves and with others. It is about living a purposeful life from a higher-consciousness awareness, and connecting/communicating with our highest-self wisdom in order to gain the clarity and insight we need. It is about seeing things from a bigger picture perspective and releasing the negative blocks to our happiness. It is about sincerely expressing our soul's desires. And it is about being real, authentic, and true to who we really are and what we truly want and love, all without apology.

And so "caviar and candor" is about merging the unseen energetic world with the physical experience, thereby honoring that we are not only spiritual but also physical and created to experience both of these aspects of ourselves. It is an acknowledgment of the interconnectedness and oneness that is spirituality and manifestation. "Caviar and candor" is an acknowledgment of our ability to be grounded in our spirituality by being "spiritual realists" who recognize that we can manifest our heart's desires in this reality by simply being mindful and willing to embrace all of our resources, best dreams, and ultimate desires without limit.

The Importance of Your Quality of Life

A good and rich quality of life to me means enjoying life on our own terms, in our own way, by doing what we love, while also making a positive difference in the world. It is about finding the deeper meaning in what we do and creating from a place of intentionality and honest freedom of expression. There is a big misconception, however, that spirituality and the physical experience are two separate things. For this reason there is often a great divide between many spiritual seekers (who believe that material aspects of abundance are to be shunned) and ego-dominated manifestors (who are focused only on what they can get and often ignore the deeper meaning of life). But there is a happy medium. 


We can indeed manifest great abundance (whatever that means to each of us) into our physical experience by infusing presence, purpose, and mindfulness into everything we do. We can also realize how abundant we already are by appreciating what we already have and making the most of it. We can create our physical experience through the lens of spirituality by being conscious of the choices we make and the experiences we have. I like to call this type of creation Mindful Indulgence, where we can create and enjoy what we love by infusing thoughtfulness into everything we do. It's when we realize that we are aligned with and made up of the same energy that creates worlds, and that what we desire is not separate from us but, rather, an extension of who we already are.


As a society we have become too automatic in how we experience life. We have become too mindless in the ways we go about our day-to-day activities, we rely too much on instant gratification distractions, and we have too many past or future-centered thoughts. And so, we need to bring back the art of savoring. We need to infuse more presence and purpose into all aspects of our lives so that we actually experience our physicality in more meaningful ways. We need to step back into our bodies and ground ourselves in the joys of the here and now before we continue on to our next goal. I like to think that "God is in the details." To me what this means in its purest form is that integrity, quality, passion, heart, love, consideration, and attention are all in the details. Consequently, this is what I believe we need more of, i.e., an appreciation for all of the beautiful details involved in what we choose to experience, both from a giving and receiving perspective.

Many of us spend most of our time focusing on getting somewhere else. We are busy, we have responsibilities, and we have obligations. However, sometimes we forget that self-care and self-appreciation are just as important as the other things we want to accomplish in our lives. When we bring presence into our daily experiences, and give ourselves permission to indulge in self-care, what we need to understand is that by doing so we are also filling up our own reserves with energy, love, and light that we can then share with the rest of the world. There is only so long that we can ignore our own needs and desires before we start to feel depleted and unfulfilled. We are spiritual beings, yes, but we are also physical beings. So I believe we are best served when we acknowledge the whole of who we are, and honor that wholeness through mindful indulgence and gracious appreciation for the present moment.


With that said, in this blog I will be talking about appreciating the riches of life but from a very present focus that starts with introspection. This blog will address the importance of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment, being unapologetic about being authentic and enjoying your life, stepping into your greatness and embracing your successes, enjoying and savoring indulgences (no matter how big or small) from the perspective of self-worth and knowing that you deserve it, spending mindfully, experiencing self-care to relieve stress, refusing to dim your light or play it small, tapping into your higher-self wisdom, and embracing your uniqueness and individuality in order to step into your power and break stereotypical taboos. We'll talk about the importance of relationships, career, purpose, well-being, presence, balance, health, positive self-image, embracing a positive wealth consciousness, navigating current events, and much more. And we will talk about having an abundance mentality as it relates to our general right to experience indulgences (at any level) connected with mind, body, and soul.

In this blog you will certainly find insights into spirituality and personal-development, but you will also find examples of how that spirituality can be practically reflected in and applied to the external experiences of life. Topics will include anything that involves the practical applications of spirituality into our day-to-day lives. Plus, we will also discuss how we can joyfully express our purpose and passions through this physical world. You will also find reflections on life as a whole and how we can all fully participate in our life experiences through conscious choice, presence, and proactive appreciation.

So, here's to bringing back the art of savoring, the power of inner wisdom, and the importance of intention, one moment and one experience at a time. And here's to living the good life....from the inside-out....with Caviar & Candor!

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